30/8/2016 – 1/9/2016


We scrambled again to organise a Brief Hui including Counsel Dr Brian Gilling and Aimee Paterson with volunteer helpers of the next generation on the weekend of 23/9/2016 – 25/9/2016. Prior to this we had to research the 10 subjects that we needed to address for the amendment.

Amendments List: Inclusion of Tino Rangatiratanga, Kaitiakitanga & Maanakitanga as follows

  • social – child safety, family violence, drugs & suicide, unemployment, poverty,
  • housing – homelessness, urban sprawl & consequences, lack of suitable housing eg. damp, adequate warm, insulated rental or owned housing
  • health – cost of gps & medicines, potential changes with pharmac, biogenetics, generic medicines.
  • intellectual rights for Maori rongoa & NZ native plants & trees
  • traditional healing centres – indigenous medical practitioners
  • education – warm clothing, shoes & food to attend school
  • traditional research centres – wananga, whakapapa records, oral histories, tatai records, cultural research, land register, literature, library & records, museum of taonga
  • law changes on growing plants, gmo, food production
  • return of acquisition land or its equivalent
  • land development projects – regeneration, sustainability projects
  • land asset protection ie. native forestry flora and fauna, income & investment
  • protection of air space
  • foreshore and seabed – no mining, no oil drilling, no seabed destruction, protection of sea creatures and no sand extraction
  • water protection rights – against Govt. and International corporations, rights of territorial boundaries and tino rangatiratanga
  • import and export – trade autonomy, ongoing belief of Govt. that Maori need protection against themselves and total lack of consultation with Treaty Partner. Maori have 80% of overseas investment qu. Where is it?
  • law and justice – management committees to work along side law systems that perpetuate dysfunction. Acts of law passed in Parliament to remove Maori property, Maori land, Maori right to Tino Rangatiratanga in Water, trade, economy etc.