This is to notify that the WEGC have amalgamated Otaua and Taheke Māori committees to form the group Ngati Pakau ki Otaua/ Taheke.

WEGC – 2019.

This is a summation of the continuing work achieved by the Waitaha Grandmothers Executive Grandmothers Council. In no way does it cover the consistent and extensive hours of work.

  • 18th-19th February International Womens Peace Group, Summit Peace Meeting. Jane Ruka awarded as a Peace Ambassador in New Zealand.
  • 8 March. United Nations Women NZ, fundraiser with Disney & Event Cinemas.
  • 12th February. International Caucus for Women. Advised on efforts of improvement for Sustainable Development Goals. Stage 5: – Equal pay. All State sectors have improved appointments to boards fo women to 45.7%. – Maori and Pacifica women still rank as lowest paid. -Family and sexual violence against women. Set up of a joint venture across Govt. departments to insure quicker response. -Creation of Undersecretary to Minister of Justice. Maori component “Te Ropu” to formulate a National Strategy Plan.
  • 23rd February Kaumatua Kuia Hui Hokianga.
  • 27th February. Letter to Jacinda Ardern regarding Declaration of Peace for IWPG.
  • 28th February. Auckland City Council. Waitakere Regional Parks, closure of recreational areas & rahui placement due to Kauri Dieback.
  • 11th March. Te Tai Tokerau Maori District Council Meeting. Ministry of Health: A framework of Equity of Health Care and its local delivery.
  • 15th March. Strike for Climate Change.
  • 16th March. International Womens Peace Group, Samoan Embassy 3rd Annual Commermoration of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War.
  • 23rd March. Meeting of Board UNW Aotearoa.
  • 27 April. Ngapuhi Hui.
  • 5 May. Ngati Whatua Runanga Hui.
  • 14 May. International Caucus of Women NGO meeting. CEDAW monitoring, agreed conclusions of CSW63, support for ethnic & muslim women, digital harm regulation.
  • 18 May. Kuia Kaumatua meeting Hokianga.
  • 29 May – ongoing. Grace & Homeless of Henderson. WEGC to assist with Charitable Status, transport to pick up food & finding a location to cook meals.
  • June: Hui & Meetings for the homeless. UN Womens Board meeting. Womens Empowerment Hui.
  • 13 July. Oranga Tamariki Hui.
  • 23 July. Westcoast South Island re West Coast Milk Products & planned Pipeline.
  • 29 July. Judicial conference UPOV91, PVA2522.
  • 31 July. Minister Kelvin Davis regarding homeless.
  • 4 August. PVA Hui.
  • 5 August. MBIE, PVA review Treaty complience.
  • 7 August. Te Rito SGM Manukau. Oranga Tamariki appointment Regional Manager Ken Allen.
  • 8 August MFAT hui.
  • 13 August International Womens Caucus. Pacific Watch.
  • 19 August. Oranga Tamariki Maori Equity.
  • 20 August. UNW film preview Girls in the Sun.
  • 29 August. Waitaha Electrodam Declines.
  • 1 September. Silna Lands of Te Waipounamu.
  • 7 September. IWPG as Ambassador Jane Ruka spoke on the topic of the Declaration of Peace and the Cessation of War .
  • 29 September Regenesis representatives of Auckland attend the 5th conference of Common Earth – Commonwealth Secretariat. Jane Ruka attends as Kuia.
  • 3 October Regenesis Workshop led by Ben Haggard.
  • 4 October presentation of regenerative projects made to the Commonwealth.
  • 11 October. Oranga Tamariki meeting.
  • 17 October. Official resignation from the UN Women NZ board. WEGC remain as advisors & supporters.
  • 20 November. Indigenous Working Group teleconference with Jane Ruka.
  • 6 December. Submission reading Native Plants.
  • 8 December. Ngapuhi Runanga Hui.
  • 25 December. continued work with Grace and the homeless. Dinner.

WEGC – July-Dec 2018

This is a summation of the continuing work achieved by the Waitaha Grandmothers Executive Grandmothers Council. In no way does it cover the consistent and extensive hours of work.

  • 17th July: Tuesday. Pakanai Marae and Opononi Hall.
  • 22nd July: Auckland Maori District Council. Awataha Marae. Northcote.
  • 23rd July: Kaikohe RSA Hikoi of Claimants disconnected from Settlement of Ngapuhi.
  • 3rd August. Urgency Hearing in Waitangi Tribunal For MACA.
  • 13th-14th August. Freshwater Hearing. Monday/Tuesday.
  • 18th – 21st August. International Womens Peace Group.
  • 26th August.  Caroline Robinson (CABAL) Regenesis focus of change internationally for environmental care.
  • 28th August.  International Caucus of Women. Ministry of Women.
  • 28th August. Fresh Water Rescue Plan meeting.
  • 10th September. Regenesis & Carol Sanford teleconference.
  • 22nd September. UN Women AGM.
  • 1st October: Te Miringa, Kathy, Mere and Paihere attended a hui at Kohewhata Marae, kaikohe. Te Miringa Reported.

A new remand service was launched in Northland for young offenders whose crimes were serious enough to be locked up for, while awaiting trial.
Last year, of 500 nationwide, 28 youths were from Tai Tokerau region, 26 of them Maori- were remanded into the custody of Oranga Tamariki.

This pilate service, called Mahuru, aims to keep youth out of jail by putting them into the homes of caregivers with wrap- around social and justice services and a strong emphasis on tikanga Ngapuhi.

  • 10th October: Submission to support legislation against prospecting for petrol, exploration and mining permits offshore and onshore NZ.
  • 11th October. WEGC Grandfather Milan Ruka receives Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit at Government House.
  • 14th October. Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade Submission.
  • 23rd October. Human Rights Commission. Advised on presenting submissions to pre-sessions for review of efforts at confirming standards of Human Rights as a State Member of the UN.
  • 30th October. WEGC & Mana Tamariki present recommendations to the existing Family Law System. Evidence that the present system continues the domestic abuse of women and children even into the Court rooms.
  • 31st October. meeting regarding connecting migrants with tangata whenua groups.
  • 2 November. Jane and Te Miringa, invited and attended Meeting with the Minister for Regional Development.
  • 8 November. Law passed; no further Exploration of Oil or Mining.Austrian based/ Owned/registered Company OMV has Outstanding Consents in Four areas of NZ one of which is designated for action in 2019.
  • 9 November. Freshwater Enquiry Closing Submission.
  • 10 November. UN Womens National Committee Board Meeting.
  • 13 November. International Caucus of Women.
  • 14 November. WEGC members;Annie BottcherShay WolfJane.Meet and accompany Aboriginal Kaumatua Allan Parson and 14 other Australians and NZ’ers to arranged visit with Parihaka Papakainga and tangata whenua.
  • 14 November. Ngaire Te Hira Kuia for Tamaki Makaurau together with Mairi Gunn combine to connect Immigrant women in West Auckland to tangata whenua. WEGC in support.
  • 21 December 2018 Submission ISDS Protocols MFAT.
  • 21 December 2018 Submission Plant Variety Rights Act Review.

Update WEGC schedule 3/8/17 – 27/6/18

Listed below the WEGC meetings, engagements and submissions for the period 3 August 2017 to 27 June 2018. Filed submissions will be uploaded and available to view here.



Fresh Water Rescue Plan – meeting David Parker Labour.



WEGC support Millan Ruka Poroti Springs – protest march. Whangarei.


02/09/17 – 09/09/17

WEGC members are called to USA, Ohio, Yellow Springs.

Te Miringa Rosina Huriwai – Ngai Tu, Ngapuhi, Ngati Porou, Waitaha.

Kathleen Ruka Tuhiwai – Ngati Pakau, Ngati Hine,Te Uriroroi,  Ngapuhi, Waitaha.

Jane Mihingarangi Ruka – Waitaha, Ngati Pakau, Te Uriroroi, Ngapuhi.

Article here.


16/09/17 – 25/09/17

International Womens Peace Group – Korea.

WEGC grandmothers are invited to Korea for the Peace conference.


WEGC grandmothers are invited to the NZ Embassy Korea. UNI Cemetary in Pasan.

Te Miringa Rosina Huriwai – Ngai Tu, Ngapuhi, Ngati Porou, Waitaha

Jane Mihingarangi Ruka – Waitaha, Ngati Pakau, Te Uriroroi, Ngapuhi.



Ministry of Women – meeting. Wellington.



Minister of Treaty Settlement. WEGC hand over MACA review.


15/02/18 – 18/02/18

Te Ohu – People, Land, Kinship – Our Living Future. Tuhoe. See here.



WEGC representative attend Auckland District Maori Council – Triennial Meeting.


04/03/18 – 09/03/18

Heaphy Track.

WEGC grandmother Jane Ruka, Heather Steadman & Hemi Ruka walk the Heaphy Track in recognition of Tupuna whenua.



WEGC Meeting:

  1. Maca to Christine Batt.
  2. Connie (current counsel to resign from Morrison Kent).
  3. TPPA.
  4. WAI 2705 Contemporary Waitangi Tribunal Claim Number.
  5. Puketi Forest.
  6. Miriama a. Military, b. State Wards, c. Housing.


06/04/18 – 08/04/18

National Hui on Maori Health Issues. Rotorua.

WEGC grandmothers Te Miringa Huriwai & Jane Ruka attend.



Te Tumu Paeroa.


18/04/18 – 20/04/18

WEGC attend Waikorupupu Springs Hearing. here.



Mahurangi Meeting. Wai Claims Collective.



Mining Northland meeting Tim Howard.



West Coast Regional Council. Hemi Te Rakau, Submission re ‘Personification.’



CPTPP/ TPPA Parliament Select Commission. WEGC Submission presented. Auckland.



Bastion Point. 40 Years. See here.



Charitable Trust Meeting. Whangarei.



The Housing Policy and Services Kaupapa Inquiry. WAI 2750 & WAI 1940.



Shaki – Safety of vulnerable migrant and refugee, women, children and youth.

Meeting and support rally.



Waitaha Hydro Scheme – attachment.



Sufferage 125 years – Ministry for Women. Meeting. Wellington.



WEGC attend Forest & Bird Conference. Te Papa. Wellington



Application for Affiliation to the Auckland Maori District Court.

Retirement of Kaumatua Te Porohau Ruka Te Korako


Friday 3rd November 2017
The Waitaha Grandmothers Executive Council advise that the Rangatira Te Porohau Ruka Te Korako has retired  from his  work for the Nation of  Waitaha and in connection with the claim Wai 1940.
We acknowledge and are grateful for his past advice, direction and  expertise in maoritanga and tohunga -matauranga.
The Wananga of Waitaha were his conception.
He played a major part in reopening the Greenstone Trails, where both Te Ika o Maui and Te Waipounamu Waitaha were involved.
We wish him well in his retirement.
Te Rangapu Ruka Te Korako. Matriarch.
Waitaha Executive Grandmothers Council
Waitaha Grandfathers Council
Waitaha Researchers. Next Generation.
Takina te kawa tuatahi
Takina te kawa tuarua
Takina te kawa tuatoru
Ko te kawa nui
ko te kawa roa 
Ko te kawa tapu

IWPG Peace Conference in Korea

WEGC grandmothers are invited to Korea for the Peace conference:

Te Miringa Rosina Huriwai – Ngai Tu, Ngapuhi, Ngati Porou, Waitaha

Jane Mihingarangi Ruka – Waitaha, Ngati Pakau, Te Uriroroi, Ngapuhi.









WEGC grandmothers are invited to the NZ Embassy Korea. UNI Cemetary in Pasan.





Final reading for Wai 1940.

On 22nd June 2017 the final reading of Wai 1940 was read at Terenga Paraoa Marae in Whangarei.

WEGC members present:

Te Rangapu Ruka Te Korako

Miriama Solomon

Annie Bottcher

Te Miringa Huriwai

Mere Taylor Rakete

Kathy Tuhiwai

Ngaronoa Kimura

Heather Hallman

Jane Ruka

Waitaha Grandfathers: Milan Ruka

Waitaha Advisory Panel:

Warren Te Pahi Thompson

Peter Te Porohau Jnr Ruka

Vicky Ruka

Chalice Ruka


Photographs courtesy Chalice Ruka & Radio Tautoko live video

See here Waitaha Executive Grandmothers Council Legal Counsel: Aimee Paterson reading at 3:54min


UN Indigenous Womens Rights & Activism

“The annual session of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, taking place at the UN Headquarters in New York, from 24 April to 5 May, will celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. ”

– See more here