Gairimudi, Dolakha, Nepal

screen-shot-2015-08-13-at-7-46-24-pm2015 Earthquake in Nepal

In June 2015 the Waitaha Executive Grandmothers Council fund raised to help the village in Gairimudi, Dolakha Nepal. After hearing from our Grandmother Renchin Yonjan in Kathmandu, Nepal. The Grandmothers were deeply saddened by the plight of the children, whose village had been destroyed and every aftershock created more fear so the Grandmothers Council asked how they could assist. Through her contacts Grandmother Renchin connected with visual artist & initiator Kailash K Shrestha of Artudio, who along with their community and International helpers built a community space of safety for the children of the village to come make art and start to heal.

Here are some of the photographs from Gairimudi village of the beautiful children and their artwork.


Also we would like to send a thank you to Kiwibank who waived the currency transaction fees of the funds we directed to Nepal