WAI 1940

A brief history of the claim number WAI 1940

Wai 1940: since August 2016 the claimant Jane Mihingarangi Ruka on behalf of the Waitaha Executive Grandmothers Council and the Waitaha Nation, has amended briefs and submissions with the voluntary help of the younger generations.

Prior to that, Kenneth McAnergney, Danny Watson, T P Te Korako & Geoffry Rakete had briefs under the Wai 1940 claim number.  Claimant Jane Mihingarangi Ruka & the Waitaha Executive Grandmothers council were only figure heads to the claim with no input. The Grandmothers council felt that the claim did not reflect the reality of the deficit within contemporary Maori life and the system as a whole.

The Grandmothers aim, is to address the current issues of social, housing, health, education, unemployment, poverty, crime and addictions that plague our people. The Grandmothers believe that through PARTNERSHIP with the Crown and by strengthening and renewing Tino Rangatiratanga, Kaitiakitanga and Manaakitanga within all aspects of life will help to heal our communities.

Legal Representatives: Morrison Kent Law Firm Wellington

Dr Bryan Gilling  (Partner at Morrison Kent)

Aimee Paterson (Solicitor)


Wai 1940 in the Waitangi Tribunal

Tribunal Inquiries

Wai 1040: Te Paprahi o Te Raki (Northland) Inquiry

Wai 2500: Military Veteran’s Inquiry

Wai 2522: Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement Inquiry

Wai 2358: The National Freshwater and Geothermal Resources Inquiry

Briefs filed

C13 (Brief of Evidence of R McAnergney);

C14 (Brief of Evidence of D Watson);

Q6(a) (Brief of Evidence of D Watson, G Rakete, G Packer, N Aldridge, C Lucas, K Taurua, K McAnergney, B Brallsford, M Ruka and T Davis);

Q7(a) (Brief of Evidence of T P Te Korakora);

Q31 (Brief of Evidence of G T A Rakete); and

X45 and X45(a) (Brief of Evidence and Appendices of Jane Mihingarangi Ruka Te Korako)

Waitaha Grandmother Composite brief (yet to be filed)

A52 J Te Korako (Wai 1940), Brief of Evidence of Jane Mihingarangi Ruka Te Korako, 22 Sep 16

A52(a) J Te Korako (Wai 1940), Index and Appendices, 22 Sep 16

D54 – Brief of Evidence of J Te Korako, 22 Sep 16

D54(a) – Indexed Appendices A – B, 23 Sep 16

D86 – Brief of Evidence of Dr M Stewart-Harawira, 10 Oct 16,


Batt Law battlaw.png

May 2018.

Barrister Christine Batt representing WEGC WAI 1940 MACA claims.